Sell in Comments - What to Sell in Comments?

It is not always easy to sell in comments, I must admit that. But with time, I have learned and I think that you will learn as well. Selling can be quite tricky if you are not sure of what you are doing. The first thing that you need to do is to check whether your blog is good enough or not for comments.

You can sell your blog in any comment section, I am talking about Google. This is the main problem. The search engine bans many blogs that do not allow comments. They say that spam comments are a big no-no. You might think that but you cannot please everybody. If you really want to sell, you have to make your comment worthy and unique.

A good comment should contain some information and at least one link. If you can link to something that relates to your post, you will be considered good. I am sure that you know this already. Just read more articles and research before making your comment.Get more facts about ecommerce at

Once you have made your comment, add a little bit of personal touches. Tell them something about yourself. This will give your readers a feel that you are an active person and that your blog is not just a sitting place where you keep on spending hours. People will come back if they like your content and if you can sell them something they would not normally buy. It does take some time to master, but in time, you will see the results.

Last but not least, do not use abusive language in your comments at Nobody likes to receive that and even if you are using it to sell something, then you should know better. Many blog owners ban users who use abusive words in their comments and you will also be banned. Do not risk that. Instead, just try to make your comment more interesting. Try to make it more informative.

If you really want to sell in comments, then you need to be very creative. You could use a picture to illustrate your point or add some witty comments on your blog. Make use of your signature line whenever you write a blog post to sell on facebook. That will make sure that readers will come back to see what else you have to say.

Also, make sure that you have your own domain name and website. By having your own domain name, you will be able to sell your comments in a better manner. That way, you will be recognized as an authority in your field. You will attract more readers to come visit your blog. That is how you will get the money you deserve from your comments.

These are some of the things that can help you sell your comments. However, it does not mean that you can sell your comments in the same manner as other blogs. You might have a greater chance to sell your comments if you have unique and interesting content. So, find out some fresh ideas on how to make more money with your comments.

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